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- Kind words from clients & friends of Dark Horse -

"I first met Teresa a few years ago when she moved to my area. I’ve been working with horses for over 40 years, and have had significant success in producing calm, confident, easy to handle horses that could do whatever their riders asked of them. So at the time, I did not pay much attention to this new “trainer.”
About a year ago, I needed some input on a horse I’m working with. I was looking for some fresh ideas, maybe a little different angle to take, and since Teresa had been working with friends of mine and they were pleased with her, I thought it might be helpful to get her opinion on this horse.
At first, I couldn’t really connect what I felt the horse’s issues were with what Teresa observed to be the mare’s problems. But as I worked with the mare and tried to do what Teresa thought needed done, I could see the changes in the horse. And without me even realizing it, Teresa was helping me make changes in myself as well, to understand more clearly the “feel,” the softness, the connection needed in communicating with this particular horse.
Teresa has always been patient and thorough in explaining things, and even though I came back time and again with my “Yes, but….” responses, Teresa continued to help me understand what she was looking for and why. We’ve accomplished a lot in the past year with my “gifted and talented” mare. And I look forward to continuing to work with Teresa in unlocking the potential that we both see in her.
 It’s said that wisdom is the ability to put knowledge to work in practical ways, and Teresa continues to demonstrate wisdom beyond her years, not only in her ability to work with the horses but also with the horses’ people. She truly has a gift and I’m grateful that I’ve had the privilege of working with her, and I look forward to continuing a long and productive relationship with her, as a fellow trainer and a friend. " Laurie Knuutila, Fairbanks Alaska

 "Teresa is a wonderfully gentle and compassionate person.  Her first priority is making sure the horse understands and trusts his person.  Over the years I have watched Teresa work with a wide variety of people and horses and each one has benefited from her interaction.  The time I have spent working with her has been wonderful.  I value her opinions and insight into my riding and relationship with my horse."   Anna Tileston, Anchorage Alaska

  "Just over a year ago, I re-entered the world of horse ownership again after a 30 year absence.  Teresa came into my life on the recommendation from another horse owner friend of mine after finding myself doubting my riding ability, my confidence and even my future with horses after being violently bucked off my horse.  Easily said, I was an emotional mess!
  After my sessions with Teresa, I was in awe of her understanding of the horse and the animal's way of thinking, moving and being, which goes beyond her years of working with and training horses.  She understood where I was in my life as a rider suddenly filled with self-doubt, and helped me re-gain the confidence I had lost, and was able to move myself and my horse past our difficulties.  I am amazed at how she seems to feel what I am doing or not doing, before I am even aware of it, and is able to bring out in myself and my horse our own level of communication as a team.
   I have heard her described as intuitive and insightful, but I believe it goes beyond that. She feels....and with that, she is able to communicate with the horse that goes beyond simple understanding, and she deeply cares.... and loves what she does, which shows.  I truly believe that she learns from the horses in her life, and is able to bring out the best in the horses and the people with which she devotes her time.  I look forward to continued work with Teresa, and am grateful that she has become a part of my life."

Thank you,
Karen Erickson and KB Anchorage Alaska 

“Teresa is one of the few I would fully trust my horses to. She has the kindness, wisdom and feel that only few are blessed with. Without any doubt in my soul I can recommend her talents to anyone looking for someone to guide them with their horse, their friend.” Frieda Koper, Anchorage Alaska 

“Teresa has been working with my gelding, Teddy, for a few years and I cannot say enough good things. I am always impressed by her knowlege, kindness and bravery when confronted with a training problem and her willingness to help with questions concerning nutrition or vet care.  It has been a wonderful learning experience bringing Teddy from a green 11 yr old to the family horse I wanted.  Thank You Teresa! “Ann and Teddy, Anchorage Alaska 

Photograph credit 

Top: Sue Firmin

Bottom: Annie Hobson, 

"Teresa helped Jupiter find ability to move his feet in ways he didn't realize he could.  Even the small bit of work we have done together has helped him understand that the reins are connected to his feet." Dianne Maythorne, New Student Willow Alaska 

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