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Lee Smith Clinic Information Anchorage 2014

This page serves as information for the 2015 Lee Smith Clinic, it will be updated often as more details are made available and the clinic date draws closer. If I've forgotten something, please send me an email and let me know. Last website update on 5.7.15


I am so pleased to help bring the talents of horsewoman, Lee Smith to Alaska again this year. An excerpt from Lee's website that speaks of her work. 


"Lee is a gifted and eloquent teacher who has extraordinary insight into horses and people. She shares what she sees as if speaking for the horse and thus provides her students with the opportunity to observe the exchange of communication between horse and human. Teaching people to learn from the horse.Lee leads people on a pathway of discovery to the essential elements of horsemanship. She helps them to unlock their potential to understand the mind, body and spirit of the horse using what naturally happens, and then shows them how to appreciate and build upon the incredible moments of harmony that are possible. Lee believes that through life's experiences (horse related or not), the answers lie within us."


More about Lee can be found at 


Personally, my experience riding in one of Lee's clinics left me both enlightened and thrilled. For those of you that know me, you know how much I enjoy learning more about how I can be better for my horse. I was so excited I wanted to share with my Alaskan clients and friends. I came away with lots to work on, lots to look forward to, and lastly, a greater understanding of our work with the horse. Lee was kind, eloquent and explained theories that I've been pondering for years. She answered questions, she gave each student consideration and she was above all, there for the horse. She earned my deepest respect. I sincerely hope that those of you reading this will consider signing up. Her clinic was exactly what I had been searching for. 


Lee spent many years with the legendary Ray Hunt. Lee has been a guest at the annual Legacy of Legends held in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have read every book out there written by Ray Hunt, I've studied videos, and I've worked at the concepts for years. If you are a student of the horse, and follow this type of horsemanship this is a rare opportunity to recieve instruction from a master of it. 

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Participant Information

Clinic dates: June 19th to June 21st, Fairbanks Clinic

                       June 27th to June29th, Anchorage Clinic

Clinic location: WCCEC located at 3900 Abbott Road Anchorage

How to sign up: You may download the form here, there is an icon at the bottom of this section where the PDF is located for each clinic. Just choose which location you wish to attend, click, and download. Once I have recieved your completed form and deposit, you are signed up. 

Clinic Deposits: $175, payable to Dark Horse Entperises are due by May 30, 2015. Deposits are non-refunable without due cause. Your spot cannot be held without a paid in full deposit. Deposits may be mailed to: Teresa Lindner PO Box 10402 Fairbanks AK 99710


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Class Fees

All fees are based on participation of 15 people in each class. 


Morning Foundation Class 3 Days: $355

Afternoon Advanced Class 3 Days: $355


Arena fees: As a member you will not need to pay an additional fee to WCCEC. Day fees for non members $15 per day. The fee for arena rental for the clinic is included in the clinic price. If you are not a member of WCCEC, I encourage you to do so. You may find a membership form here

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Auditor Information

Auditors are encouraged, $30 per day, per person. 

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Clinic Format

Morning Foundation Class: Lee will present the concepts of what she considers to be natural in horsemanship; using what is naturally happening to teach.  She will help riders learn more about developing feel, timing and balance, on the ground and in the saddle.  An introduction to riding with cadence and rhythm will be covered in depth.  This class will suit new riders, nervous riders, and green or troubled horses.


Afternoon Advanced Class: There will be no groundwork in this class, as it is designed for the confident rider, comfortable at all gaits.


The riders in either class are welcomed and encouraged to watch the other class at no additional charge, making for a full day of educational enlightenment.  

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Clinic Facility Information

Hours of Operation: 10:00AM - 10:00PM Daily. 


Parking: As designated. 


Stalls: Day use $15, overnight use $20. Please schedule this in advance with the management. Stalls are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. You are responsible for paying all fees involved with your stall rental and contacting the management to reserve a stall. Please the Anchorage Horse Council's web page for arrangements. Please review and abide by all WCCEC rules and regulations. There is a document button below where you may download the rules for WCCEC if you are not already familiar with them. 

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